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From Job Security to Wealth Creation

Innovative wealth creation opportunities for the economically disadvantaged help ensure small & middle market firms don't close unexpectedly and abandon employees and their families.

Cleaning Fresh Water


Hacha Products Corp is a Minority Woman owned environmental consulting and service enterprise focused on treating 'produced' water in the oil/gas sector, field runoff in the agricultural sector, storage lagoon 'mud management', and industrial/process manufacturers' waste water streams. 

Hacha Products Corp

Desalinating Sea Water


An efficient, effective approach to energy-hungry Reverse Osmosis using Wind, Solar, Advanced Battery Technology and Supercapacitors.  

Vocational Training


Inspired by the enormously positive impact of the WPA, the CCC, and the 'Boston Miracle':  

Recruit the socially isolated from the violence-torn, economically depressed urban environments and provide them with the means to join in rebuilding our crumbling infrastructure. 

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