Situations & Solutions

Do any of these sound familiar?  We promise, you’re not the first.  Others have already gone through it and come out the other side… 

#1 – Legacy Business Model doesn’t drive sustainable growth

The Situation:  ‘NextGen’ takes over the business, but growth is frustratingly sluggish or absent – even in an ‘up market’.

Our Solution:  Refresh the business model in the new leadership team’s own ‘language’ with our proprietary, comprehensive 100-point transition checklist:  Efficient.  Effective.  Economical.  Innovative.  Strategic.  Now.

#2 – Leadership Gap in critical disciplines

The Situation:  Your strategy illustrates ‘what we’re going to do and how’ – but it also raises the question: ‘Who’s going to do this?’

Our Solution:  A talent strategy to Attract/Develop/Retain the right people for the leadership team.  Qualitative ‘fit’ and quantitative measurements for success are equally important in your Human Capital strategy.  We have the tools for you.

#3 – Post-Merger integration dysfunction

The Situation:  The models that worked for the buyer and seller independently haven’t transitioned well for the combined firm, or there is an undercurrent of a ‘camp mentality’ – us v them – running through the new business.

Our Solution:  A business model integrator to define the new market structure and the solution(s) offered for each customer segment, and to clarify responsibility and accountability in the ‘new world order’.

#4 –Business Development Strategy is weak or unclear

The Situation:  Sales are inexplicably sluggish or flat, and there is no one on board with the capacity to efficiently and effectively lead the effort to get things on track.

Our Solution:  An interim ‘Business Development Champion’ to design the best strategy and to lead the implementation until it is up and running.


#5 – Your own Headache

The Situation:  There are as many possible ‘situations’ as there are middle market firms.  What’s yours?

Our solution:  Let’s talk it through; we have probably directly dealt with or indirectly witnessed a similar issue.  It’s possible we can help you, too.  And if we can’t, chances are excellent that we know someone who can…

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